Miami GRIP  Wireless Intercom Systems

        Comtek Wireless Simplex (one way) Intercom System

            Transmitter and Microphone, 9 v battery powered.

            3 Wireless Receiver Belt Packs and Double Ear Headsets, 9 v battery powered.

            Powered Speaker available, rechargeable.

            Comtek Channel I.


        Telex BTR-700 Duplex (two way) Wireless Intercom System           (brochure)

            Base Station with Double Ear Headset and Mic, 110 v and 12 v powered.

            4 Wireless TR-700 Belt Packs with Double Ear Headset and Mic's, AA battery powered.

            UHF, 518 to 740 MHz, 1440 frequencies, Frequency Agile.